Arthub Flanders

What is Arthub Flanders?

Arthub Flanders collects metadata about cultural heritage objects exhibited and preserved by the Flemish museums of Visual Arts. Arthub Flanders disseminates metadata in open formats under open licenses allowing flexible reuse in your own applications.


Arthub Flanders is a user-friendly search machine which makes finding information about cultural heritage objects across the boundaries of collections and the Flemish museums of Visual Arts possible.

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Arthub Flanders is a living catalogue for a diverse audience of museal workers, researchers, technical developers, (art) historians, educational professionals, creative industries and many more.

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Open data

Arthub Flanders disseminates all the available information as open data. The platform leverages open technical formats and open licenses to promote accessibility and foster reuse of metadata about cultural heritage objects.

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Open source

Arthub Flanders is build with open source software. Participate in the development of these software tools. Submit issues, changes or suggestions and help shape the growth of Arthub Flanders.

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